Today is the milestone. I have built this day up in my mind as something grand. I know, however, that it's just another day that the LORD made for me. At 9:29PM I will have officially been breathing this air for thirty rotations around the sun.

Why did the LORD Jesus wait until He was thirty to start His ministry? He was baptized and the Holy Spirit came and "rested" on Him. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, He had His God-ness within Him His whole life on earth. Perhaps the Holy Spirit coming to rest on Him as a dove was a sign of recognition. Noah sent out a dove during the flood to find signs of dry land and life. Jesus is the Life. When Jesus was "about thirty years old" He went into the water and came out as man's hope, like the olive branch in the beak of the dove. When He was about thirty.

I'm about thirty now. It must be a ripe and important age if Jesus began His ministry then. For many years I have looked forward to this. I've had some fantasies about starting a ministry at thirty. I may have already begun since I gave birth to Elianna in February. She may be my only ministry.

I'll live my life today as I've learned to: like it is the only day. People seem to looking elsewhere when Life is trying to get their attention. Then they drop comments at the sight of a new baby like, "Cherish it now. It goes by so fast." I'm sorry that they missed so many good moments looking for the next. I have been waiting for life to blur past me like everyone says and to wake up one day with my whole life behind me. But these thirty years have felt like exactly that. I feel thirty and it's wonderful to have made it here.

The trick is to focus on God. The enemy will always prowl and he never sleeps. He kicks us when we're down and is always looking to ruin our good time. But my Father is bigger than him and watches out for us. God is always good and His light is always within me to guide me and remind me of an infinite love.

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