Pregnancy Woe is Me

It's a miraculous thing to make a human. It's my super power right now. But it comes with a price. My body will never be the same, but I used it for such a wonderful deed. "Women will be preserved through childbearing" the bible says. Right now I am just trying to make it through each day. I'm not bed-ridden or high risk, I'm just HUGE. My stomach has given up it's place and my intestines are pressed into thin avenues somewhere against the rest of my organs. All to make room for a beautiful new creation.

He's a little boy who hiccups and kicks and gives me love-punches in the bladder. I adore him already. My daughter is starting to feel neglected because her lap space is limited. This is only the beginning for the princess. But she will be a good helper when she gets over her jealousy. She will also be very specific about what he can or cannot touch in her world. Luckily he will grow up under his Papa's example and will be confident despite his bossy big sister's controlling attitude.

What will the future hold? I cannot dare imagine or place myself in that world yet. Today is a basketball-sized belly that I must lug around each moment. What a blessing even though pain in childbearing is our curse. It is a wonder to hold my children so close to me that they move my organs and bones out of their way. Thank God that I have gotten to experience this. It will be nice to remember it fondly and forget the heartburn.


Attempt #1

I'm sitting at my computer while my daughter plays on the floor under me. My son plays inside my belly, kicking my stomach and hiccupping frequently. Tinkerbell is flying around inside the television set behind me and the fish are still trying to find food from yesterday's feeding. I wanted to write. I have wanted so much to just write words and keep a journal again. But I know once I get started on a subject I tend to ramble on and on and I don't know what that will look like being nine months pregnant. At least I can start simple. I feel like my brain is mush or toddler-fied these days. I want to be able to relate to my daughter but not that much! So this is my first attempt at writing some thoughts down. Go easy on me, cyber eyes.