A Mini-blurb by Mom

I have been working on a blog post that is also my son's birth story. I want it to be pretty perfect so I keep editing it. Writing is something that is so time consuming, yet it is such a slow process. It sure is fun though, when I get the chance to do it. My two-year-old is acting her age and my baby boy is, too. At the moment I am covered in salt from my workout this morning and desperately need a shower. But if I never write even the tinest blog entry then i will never blog. I considered publishing these as notes on Facebook since I visit there every day, but I love my blog. I miss having a blog and speaking my piece here. Life use to provide so much to say and time to say it. Now I am too busy living to write about it. But here is my blurb for today and perhaps someone will read it. Here's to weblogging, where we all have our own corner to express our say-so.

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