Day 13 & 14 Bible Reading

Genesis 14 - War breaks out in the Valley of Siddim; Abram rescues Lot; Abram eats with Melchizedek, priest of the Most High and king of Salem.

Nehemiah 3 - The building of the walls and gates;  repairs to houses of prominent Jews in the area; repairs to all areas in Jerusalem and who did them.

v.12 Shallum the son of Hallohesh, leader of half the district of Jerusalem; he and his daughters made repairs. I think it's awesome that the guy had his girls out there doing heavy work alongside the men...and the fact that it is mentioned is pretty big. Maybe all he had were daughters! One thing's for sure, he had some useful chicks!

Matthew 13 - Parables and parables explained; Parable of the seed on the soils; Parable of wheat and tares; Parable of Mustard Seed; parable of treasure, pearl, and dragnet;

v.12 For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.

Wesley's Notes
13:12 Whosoever hath - That is, improves what he hath, uses the grace given according to the design of the giver; to him shall be given - More and more, in proportion to that improvement. But whosoever hath not - Improves it not, from him shall be taken even what he hath - Here is the grand rule of God's dealing with the children of men: a rule fixed as the pillars of heaven. This is the key to all his providential dispensations; as will appear to men and angels in that day. Mt 25:29 (parable of talents); Mark 4:25 (light of the world aoncrext); Luke 8:18 (light of the world again); 19:26 (parable of talents).

v. 57 - So they were offended at Him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house.” 58 Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

We think we know a person because we grew up around them. But unless God gives us the revelation, we don't know them like He knows them: as they truly are.

Acts 13 - Holy Spirit requires Barnabas and Saul to be sent; Saul called Paul in Paphos; Paul and the sorcerer; they go to Antioch and Paul expounds on the Old Testament;

v. 3 - Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away.

(laying on of hands reference!)

Genesis 15 - God makes promise and covenant with Abram's seed.

v. 6 - And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness. That verse is so full of golden goodness I can't even begin to express...

Nehemiah 4 - Opposition and plotting against the builders and Nehemiah.

Nehemiah kept everyone's spirits up and eyes on the LORD. He also never let his guard down, literally. The builders kept their swords on while they built the wall! Half of the worker became guards by day and the other half took turns guarding at night. Yes, the LORD was with them but that didn't mean they somehow got lazy and left an opportunity for the enemy. We should do what we can to protect the work we do for the LORD. All the while we can have confidence that God has our backs and will guide us in how we should strategize our own game plan for success. He doesn't do it for us hardly ever.

Matthew 14 - Telling of what happened to John the Baptist; Jesus feeds 5,000; Jesus walks on water

Acts 14 - Iconium & Lystra; Barnabas and Paul are mistaken for gods; Paul is stoned, then apparently unharmed continues on to Derbe; Back to Lystra & Iconium to strengthen the disciples there; Back to Antioch 

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