Day 8 Bible Reading

Genesis 8 - Rain and waters cease, Noah exits the ark from the "Mountains of Ararat", God makes convenant with Rainbow.

Matthew 8 - Jesus cleanses/heals Leper, Centurion's faithful servant, Calms the sea, Casts demons into pigs

Verse 17 - The prophet Isaiah had said that Jesus took and bore our infirmities and sicknesses. There is always a cost to the healing, it's not some magic trick.

Ezra 8 - Appointing the people to build and attend the temple, fasting at the river Ahava, sacrificing on the way to Jerusalem

Verse 21 - fasting as a way of humbling ourselves before the LORD to ask His guidance.

Acts 8 - Saul persecutes the church, Simon the Sorcerer, Phillip and the Ethiopian

Verse 16, the Holy Spirit is referred to as He, just in case there is any argument.
Verse 18 - Simon is some illusionist who craves fame and not the things of God, Peter doesn't mess around. LORD, help me never to see Your Spirit as a means for me to gain glory for myself.
Verse 37 - Believe with all your heart before baptism...

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