Day 9 Bible Reading

Acts 9 - Saul on Damascus Road, conversion; Ananias obeys God; Saul receives sight and the Holy Spirit; Peter prays for Tabitha the seamstress, she rises from death.

Genesis 9 - God tells Noah how it's going to be; Noah gets drunk on wine; Ham's indiscretion brings a curse to Canaan. Noah lived 950 years!

Genesis 10 - Geneology of Sons of Noah; Set up for Babel dispersion

Matthew 9 - Jesus forgives paralytic and calls Matthew from his Tax office; Matt invites all his tac collecting friends to dine with Jesus (probably); Fasting associated with mourning and new wine/cloth; Raises girls, heals bleeding woman from hem touch, heals blind men and tells them not to tell, but they do anyway; Heals mute demon-posessed man; Jesus sees multitude and is moved; "The harvest plentiful..."

Verse 17 - My interpretation of Jesus' words about the new wine and new cloth are: don't require a new believer to practice the deeds of someone who has had many years to be changed and sanctified.

Ezra 9 - Intermarriage with Pagans; Ezra mourns and laments to God about their guilt in intermarrying.

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