Looking for the X-traordinary

There's a longing in mankind to be super-human. I was made freshly aware of that as we watched X-Men: First Class last night on our anniversary date night. While the movie was X-cellent and the eff-X even more so, I left with an interesting thought that I felt I needed to X-press. My husband made the statement that the characters' creator Stan Lee must be living the life with all these movies being made based on his comic books. I said, "He will be more a few more years." He's the same age as my Grandma who turns 89 this year. The main idea behind X-men is that they are the next step in the evolution of mankind. Apparently all of their super powers are genetic mutations that have happened as a result of time and adaptation. Its too bad Stan Lee hasn't evolved yet. It looks like he is headed for Eternity along with the rest of mankind who hasn't evolved the regeneration gene. But he is an imaginative genius who hits the heart of a deep longing in humans. It's where we get all of our hero stories and action flicks. It's the longing to be saved by something greater than ourselves.

Jesus walked on water and turned a brown bagged lunch into a feast for thousands. Is that just a matter of molecular structure? Did God change each of Jesus' footsteps into a solid instead of a liquid or just multiply the atoms of the loaves and fish? Surely God is capable of manipulating things at a cellular level, He designed cells!

Jesus went beyond the laws and boundaries of this world. He also told His followers they would do even greater things than He had done. If this world is fallen and flawed then we all have something in us that was meant for life beyond death and the grave. We watch the amazing feats of these superheroes and we marvel (or DC?). There is eternity put in our hearts by God's design that makes us long for abilities we cannot "evolve" on our own. God is the source of those powers and His will is the environment in which we have permission to access our eternal nature. He wants us to know Him so well that we are like extensions of Heavenly realities. People in the bible have raised the dead, teleported, healed with their shadow and sweat, been immune to a venomous snake bite, walked through walls, called down fire from heaven, stopped the rain from falling, ran faster than horses, taken out an entire cathedral out with bare hands, taken out city walls by marching around and yelling at them, defeated an army with a choir, parted a sea with a stick, held back a river by standing in it, and welcomed every type of animal and bird as they came two by two without being chained or roped in. I'd say those are pretty super things for humans to be a part of.

The important thing is to have a relationship with the Creator of this place. Apart from Him we are capable of nothing that lasts. With Him we are in touch with the Source of our eternal purpose for existing. Death is wrong and we know it. Why work all this time just to turn into dust or ashes and be forgotten? Our love can be so deep and yet we are gone in an instant from this place leaving only our legacy that will be used by others in whatever way they see fit. If only we could regenerate and harness energy to stay young. If only we could make such a huge impact on this world that they build a statue in our honor. Is that really even good enough? I wouldn't want to live in this place of death forever. And I definitely wouldn't want some statue with bird poop on it to tell my story for me. All of my good things are being collected by my Father. He knows everything about all of us and keeps a record of it. The things I didn't do for Him will pass away with this world. But the things I have done unto the LORD will be my eternal legacy.

I would love to bring my Heavenly abilities to earth for His glory. It is mind-blowing to think I might be a supernatural hero for God. I already feel myself soaring high like an eagle over the lies of the enemy in the spiritual places. Maybe someday I will free the captives and sing open the prisons of despair with, "Holy is the LORD God Almighty! The whole earth is filled with His glory!" We all want to be extraordinary and live for something bigger than ourselves. It's not evolution that will make it happen, it's devotion.

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