Moments Pass

I have a problem with passing moments. I don't like the fact that they pass. I'm not a fan of linear reality, even though I've known nothing else. Well, that's not exactly true, I've known dreams. In dreams there seems to be no consistent time frame. You can bounce in and out of different scenarios without warning but you can also stay in one world for what seems like a day and wake up five minutes later. While we can't retain most of what happens in our souls while we dream, we do feel a sense of wonder upon waking.

It breaks my heart to have to hurry my child from one event to another, even if I know she will have more fun at the place we are rushing off to. I wish we could stay in the moment she is in...forever. There are moments in the worship of God that I find my heart bursting and overflowing with His loving presence. But there is always grasping as the moment vanishes with the ticking second-hand. I just want to scream, "Noooo!" as the moment quickly becomes a memory and I am back to the dullness of my earthly life. What about the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen? Then it is night and your photograph only mocks your memory and reminds you of something you will never have again. Photographs and memories just aren't good enough are they?

We are constantly going through loss here. We lose our innocence first and then our health. People come and go and parties end. There's something so wrong about it all. In Heaven we will never have to stop playing and we will never leave the party. There will never be a dark night where beauty sinks into the background. Around every corner will be more dazzling displays than we can ever know here. Most magnificently, we will never have to stop worshiping God. Our eternal destiny is to behold Him without filters and to hold a moment with Him as long as we want in an incorruptible place with no limits on the vastness of our experience. While this world crumbles with every passing day, we can be confident that everything we have given to God is held in His safe-keeping for us to hold infinitely abounding forever.

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Bill said...

I like this very much. I can totally relate.

I once wrote in my journal something to the effect of: "All of our anxieties are about the future, and the unrelenting passage of time that takes us there." That was written in a time when I was terribly back-slidden..., obviously. But, still I "get" this so much. So many times in the quiet of my early morning devotional time, I just don't want the sun to ever rise, signaling that I have to get on with the mundane of my daily life.

Good post.