"Come unto Me." When you hear those words you will know that something must happen in you before you can come. The Holy Spirit will show you what you have to do, anything at all that will put the axe at the root of the thing which is preventing you from getting through. You will never get further until you are willing to do that one thing. The Holy Spirit will locate the one impregnable thing in you, but He cannot budge it unless you are willing to let Him." Oswald Chambers

A lot of my friends have been saying lately that they can't seem to hear God. The above is a portion of an entry in "My Utmost for his Highest". It appears to be exactly what our problem is. Our unwillingness to obey God is what keeps us from hearing Him, coming to Him, and being blessed by Him. Once we even show the slightest inkling of surrender God is quick to reward that with instant peace and joy. Beyond that He fills our cup to overflowing!

God will not have robots as His children. There are no puppet people doing the bidding of God under complete compulsion outside of their wills. That's what the animals are for. Those creatures that aren't made in God's image, but are a beautiful creation of Him to do as their instinct dictates. A dog cannot be a bird, nor does it long to fly. If that were the case we would have animals with identity crises all over the world!

God wants us to be free for the sake of freedom. (Galatians 5:1) He doesn't want us to make bad choices or be outside of His will, but the possibility of evil goes along with the power to choose. My greatest challenge comes in trusting God under circumstances that seem impossible. For control freaks like myself it has taken a miracle and many years to let go.

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