Trading Storms

Why is it that when things start to go well in one area of life that the other areas suddenly clamor for attention? Maybe I'm doing it to myself. Am I always looking for a crisis of character that the LORD can change in me? As I begin to see evidence of His hand at work, it's almost as though I want to place my own tiny hand atop His and try to move it around like a mouse on a mouse pad. When He doesn't allow me to move His hand I start to stress out.

It's dangerous to take your eyes off Jesus and to look at your circumstances, even when they start looking great. There's nothing wrong with enjoying blessings and basking in the providence of God, but to turn our gaze to those things at the expense of seeing Him is not good.

There is a tendency in me to move on to the next thing. While I have been set free from the major addiction of starting my life over in a new place, I still struggle with focusing. My marriage is finally seeing manifestations of God's perfect plan. I prayed for that and it happened! Now I need to make sure the enemy doesn't pull me too far in the right direction so that it becomes the wrong place to stand. I need to subject the momentum of this miracle to God even as I enjoy it's benefits.

My parenting is starting to lose it's grasp on Jesus. I don't know if it's the good changes in my marriage that are throwing me off, but suddenly I am a horrible mother again. If it's not one thing it's the other, right? The very things with which God provided comfort during scary times are starting to become burdens to me. WHY? The only thing I can think of is that I am jumping the gun. I've moved out of crisis status and I am trying to create another crisis to replace it. Fix, fix, fix! Go, go, go! STOP! A storm is a storm is a storm and Jesus can quiet them all. Amen.

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