Future and Hope

I was thinking about all I have. There was a moment as I was walking down the street with kids and the thought occurred to me, "I'm completely safe." There was no one hiding in the bushes to kidnap me and the kids and sell us into trafficking or turn us into murderers with automatic weapons. We were just walking to the park to enjoy the equipment that is maintained by our governing agencies across a lawn that is mowed regularly. The peaceful Oregon air wasn't broken with gunfire or sirens and there was no smell of human waste on the breeze.

The majority of this world would look at my "day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom" and think I lived in a heavenly paradise. So there are many broken people behind the scenes, a holocaust happening right under our noses, and corrupted power in nearly every office building. But I thank God that my kids and I are safe. There may be a rogue drunk driver or a losing battle with cancer in my future, but the chances are better that I'll live a long life. My daughter already cheated death three times because we could obtain antibiotics for a dry birth and a couple of common infections. Antibiotics are a grace and mercy from God, if you ask me! So is the United States and the nearly 250 years it's been around. I've won the lottery by being born here and it's taken me till now to really see that.

Is the world going to Hell in a designer handbag? Yes. But I am teaching my kids to follow Jesus and my hope is that they'll teach my grand-kids even better than I did. Could the world exist for several more generations and collect millions more children for God's Kingdom? The thought hadn't occurred to me until now.

I have been looking to the sky for my Lord's return since before I even knew His love for me. I couldn't have imagined I would live to be thirty, let alone thirty-four! When I was sinking beneath the weight of my vices and trying to breathe the mud of my fears I was sure that my useless carcass would be best used as fertilizer someday. My only hope was to die and be at God's mercy for whatever the afterlife brought. Back then, even as I began walking with Jesus, I believed humanity was mostly a waste of space. From the news on television to the meanness of my generation I was convinced that our world was as close as it ever would be to the wrath of God and to the End. But the other day on my walk my eyes were opened.

God does not wish that anyone should perish. If there is one person in our future that will choose Him, and therefore be chosen by Him, He will allow this world to continue. Will my grandchild be the last born child of God? Somehow I doubt that. Believers in the most ravaged countries of the world are sharing a Christlike faith to their generation that will never make it to age thirty. Their faith makes American Christians look like spiritual nursing infants. They are dancing to the slaughter as others watch and believe because of them. Heaven is not going to have a small remnant. Millions and billions and maybe even more than that will be added!

I thought we were close to the End so I gave up hope for future generations. Having children has helped my hope and strengthened my resolve. We could have another several hundred years with the way God is helping me raise my kids! Unless martyrdom sweeps across our nation as it has all over the world, my family will be sure to rake in a good couple hundred for the Kingdom. The lovely thing is: God will tell His story as He wants to. I'm just happy to be a part of it.

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