My Tiny Tenants

Now that we are settled into our new house, we have a constant trail of visitors streaming in. I'd love to say they are welcome guests but unfortunately for us, they aren't. They are tiny sugar ants who have moved into the dark regions of space under the house and around it. This being a hundred-year-old house, it has countless doorways for the little bugs. At first I was shocked and appalled at the amount of places they were coming in. I called the pest control guys and they said it is impossible to seal anyone's house tight enough to keep them out. I suppose we'd have trouble breathing if we sealed it that tight everywhere. But nearly every room was letting them in. So I have planted ant traps in places where the kids can't play with them but yet the ants can. I've killed probably five families of ants so far and the second wave has started coming again. Now that the initial shock has worn off and I am accustomed to seeing black moving dots in various places, I find myself fascinated with them. Not only am I impressed with their amazing God-given instinct to seek out what they smell, I am entertained by how they communicate with each other. Their little antennae are so important to them. But this is war, after all and in the end I must destroy them. I am so used to squishing them that it doesn't even gross me out anymore. I'm thankful they aren't the stinky kind of ants so it's just a one-finger squish and wipe deal. I am armed with some pretty effective ant killer that gets passed from daddy ant to baby ant and on down the line. I find myself thinking, "I kill you. I kill you and your whole fam damily. DIE!" without remorse. Insects belong outdoors and I am OK with their deaths. They are just doing their jobs and are relentless at it. If I let them take over I will no longer be able to eat my food without examining every bite for moving specs of "pepper".

There are so many metaphors that come with an ant infestation. The devil is subtle and sneaks his ideas into our heads like a scout ant. Before we know it we have a trail of sinful thoughts that is consuming the sweet and special parts of us. A little distraction and a little negligence and bad habits like black ants crawl all over us and threaten to contaminate our favorite things. Those are just two that I've thought of.

Could anything good come of an ant problem? Well, my house is cleaner by the day in ant-specific places. Also, I've blessed myself and a couple of others with this clever blog about it. If I've killed a nest of ants today then I've accomplished something worthwhile. Now when I see them in the bathrooms, on the windowsills, in the cabinets, or on the walls I won't be so disgusted.

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