People Focus

Our focus determines what we accomplish. It also maps out our destination and guides our steps. Focus pinpoints the specific target of our energy and time. The choices we make reveal our focus. Priorities are made plain by the power of our focus. When all else fades away, it's what we are focused on that remains. That doesn't mean that the right path is perfectly straight without obstacles or blind curves. If our focus were a firefly then the intermittent blink would be what lures us. We would go to where we last saw the blink and wait expectantly until we saw the next one. Never move unless you regain your focus. Go back to where you last saw it.

Anything that pulls us away from our focus is a distraction. They can be powerful if we let them be. We hold the remote control to the greatest carnival of distractions. When we starve those thieves of our attention, they'll fade. Some people are masters at grabbing your attention, they're called marketers. They are talented people, but God's got their number. Discernment is the key. Look past the lie to the person who's selling it. Pull back the curtain and you will find your focus again.

After Jesus, every person young or old that we find ourselves in contact with should become our focus. Not to worry, God will build our boundaries and guide us into specific influence as we trust Him with each interaction. With Jesus as our permanent focus we'll find ourselves guided toward people most of the time. (Do you love Me? Feed My sheep.)

Look at the faces of the people in your life. They are made in God's image. What better way is there of being reminded of God? We are a "spitting image" of our Father in Heaven. Sure we've been degraded and dishonored by sin and corruption. But it doesn't take long to see God's miracle in each human. Just think of their uniqueness and that's just the beginning. A lot of us like to go out into the forest or up onto a mountain to experience God's glory. Don't forget that all of nature is gonna burn, baby. Sure it's beautiful and wonderous but it's going bye-bye. Not people, though, or at least not the soul of people. God has made us to be eternal and that must mean we are eternally significant to Him. Shouldn't people be eternally significant to us? Shouldn't they be a primary part of our focus?

If my focus isn't people then I am not following God's direction. The light God shows me will illuminate the people He has brought into it in order to teach me about Himself. Difficult people are the best candidates for teaching us about Jesus. Our offense reveals our lack of faith. We should find ourselves on our knees, not self-righteously praying for those challenging individuals, but praying about what is within us that refuses to love them. The lack of grace we have for them threatens God's grace in us as we begin to sense darkness creeping in. Distraction fashioned by the enemy convinces us we shouldn't focus on a person's eternal qualities. Instead we find ourselves dwelling on their sin. That infuriating person before you will someday stand before a perfect God. "Mercy" should be the first thing on our lips concerning them. Forgive them Father, for they are clueless.

The more I get a clue the more I actually see the people around me. I've begun to truly see them. I'll admit that I'm not at a place where I know exactly what to do with the people I bump into, but at least they all matter now. It's got to the point where I really hate the idea of "expendables" in movies. Every human life lost should be mourned. Every lost soul is a tragedy to God. Deception would have us place diminished value on people who seem unimportant to the story that we prefer. But every life is a story of measureless worth to God. He is infinitely invested in every person who ever existed. He can be infinitely grieved by their sacrifice which made the salvation of someone else possible. Or didn't you know that others who were lost before you paved the way for you to be found? How else would you have been born without your unsaved great-great grandperson donating the genes? Shouldn't God have been merciful and not allowed for them to exist so they wouldn't end up in Hell? But if He'd done that you never would have been born. And God sees your unsaved ancestors as clearly as He sees you. Only His heart broke over their loss. All Heaven rejoices over your salvation. So say thank you and love even those who could be destined to choose destruction.

People are it. We are the reason God made this place. Every person you see is the reason. Don't forget where your focus should be because we're everywhere.