Idol Banter

Everywhere I look I see man and womankind exalting themselves. With the time I've spent away from mainstream media, it's always newly shocking to me how brazenly anti-God this culture is when I finally flip on the "tube". That's Youtube, of course, since I'm glad to say I don't have access to cable television in my home. I keep seeing the tower of Babel and all the fools who thought they could build a tower to Heaven. Now that we know the Universe is infinitely vast, a tower that reaches beyond the stars seems ludicrous. And yet there they are, plain as day, building it just the same. Empires built on icons; gods and goddesses that the young and restless worship with their obsessive hearts. I remember having posters in my room of handsome rock stars, that gazed intriguingly at me from my walls. Sometimes, as a teenager, I would imagine them watching me and I would even talk to them, silently. Those glossy paper objects took on a life of their own within my imagination. This is what the bible means by idols. Our thoughts and our love being married to these fantasies of what we believe life is all about.

I am fueling my own daughter's fantasies by encouraging her obsession with various movie and television cartoon icons. What's the harm in enjoying the culture's greatest hits for their age group? I mean, all creativity comes from God and music, art, and fashion are all gifts given by God. Why can't Disney movies and toy departments hold secrets to God's love and truth? Besides, how can I compete with the overwhelming onslaught of genius marketing tactics that mean to capture my child's loyalties?

How can I not? Is it OK to stand by and watch my daughter's fascination with villains turn into a real-live lust for power over others? "It's just a phase. They'll grow out of it." Or they won't. And they'll be food for the power-hungry 1% that run this world from leather seats. Food for the idol-makers.

I suppose this means war.

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