Real Hope

If a hope deferred makes the heart sick then a false hope must make it shrivel. My heart has hoped in many things. From grand promises powerful men have made to conniving "facts" manufactured by marketing experts. How I wanted to believe it all!

Tell me it's going to be alright and I want to trust you. This ignorant bliss that is so tempting it has me laying my head down on a pillow of lies. So comfy and yet so dangerous. Fabricated hope. A cheap hope that was made in a sweat shop overseas under the snapping fat fingers of capitalism. Hope born on the backs of generations in dysfunction, brought to my table and served up lukewarm. If only it were true. If only the sweetness in my nostrils wasn't the putrid stench of rot. Trusting in death just stinks.

Real hope is precious and hard to come by. In fact, you don't happen upon it. Real hope finds you. In a dark alley with countless failed attempts at goodness, real hope glints off broken shards. On a vast empty beach where the sabotage of delusion leaves a barren shore and dreams are drowned, a flash on a distant surface beckons, even as feet are torn by the pulled sand beneath them. The pain reveals truth like a nice hard look at our organs against the surgeon's gloved fingers. There it is... truth.

Just when we think all hope is gone... real hope arrives. It starts as a faint, bright shimmer to us. it awakens a hunger deeper than any earthly thing could satisfy. Soon it comes into view. It is much more than a tiny light now. It walks upright like a man! The movements are fluid and perfect. His arms are unbreakable promises and His smile is a priceless treasure. Possibilities open wide like the mouth of galaxies. His timelessness envelopes the quietest space within. The pillow is His bosom and His hands are warmth and healing. This hope gives rest and assurance. Eternity places it's hope in Him. In Him my hope is secure.

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