I Love My Job

Lately I've had many reasons to assess my current position here at work. Is this career choice a good one for me? Do I excel at what I do? Is my work ethic applied daily? Is there a healthy amount of accountability and team support? What about the benefits package? When all is told, am I investing my time wisely and contributing to the greater good? There are so many things to consider.

I started here at this job over seven years ago. The job I had before this was relatively easy; a customer service job with predictable hours. All of my other jobs had predictable hours, actually. This one is on-call 24/7 but my scheduled hours are 6:30am-8:30pm, seven days a week. With almost a hundred scheduled hours a week and my "off" hours being on-call, I'd say this is the most I've ever worked in my life.

I have three "bosses". Sometimes they disagree on the best use of my time, especially the two older ones. The youngest one is the most demanding, but that's to be expected since she's new to the game and she has to make her presence known. None of them really know what they are doing. Luckily they can't fire me since their Boss is the one that hired me to begin with. But they sure do try to push me around! And my job is not to obey them but to meet their needs, even if they don't realize what those needs are.

The Big Boss hired me after minimal experience. He said He would give me on-the-job training and that He believed in my potential. I capitalize His pronoun because He's God. Believe it or not, God pays well. He meets all of my needs and challenges me daily. When He told me that I'd be working for children I laughed out loud! It was a hard adjustment in my thinking to stop working for myself or for money. I always thought we worked for a paycheck and then spent the money on our dreams. It's the American Way, right? God's economy is very different.

My paychecks come daily. But I get them while I work. All I have to do is walk correctly and I get a bigger paycheck every day. Instead of money, the payment is fruit. I get paid in order to produce more fruit. My work is to allow fruit to grow on me and my little "bosses" collect the harvest.

The most important part of my job is rest. Not the kind of rest that kicks up her feet and rests her eyelids (although, I need that sometimes, Lord knows). But the kind of rest that trusts and moves fluidly under the movements of something Bigger. It's like a dolphin swimming in the wake of a boat or a caterpillar that lets itself become a chrysalis upon a twig. They comfortably engage in their purpose and trust the supporting movements of what holds them. When I rest like that, that's when He pays me the big bucks.

I can say confidently that I love my job because my job is love. I'm a mom. This is the best way I can ever invest the time I've been given.

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Tammy Belau said...

Great post, Diana! I have found this job to be more challenging and more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. And, I don't have much of a headstart on you. I'll have had this job for 8 years on 8/8/15. The rewards of this job are growing steadily the longer I'm at it...and the challenges are fewer but greater when they happen.

I enjoy your writing.