Joy: Five Minute Friday

My first ever Five Minute Friday!

My youngest daughter's middle name is Joy and it couldn't be more appropriate. Her first name is that of a prophet in the bible, so the fact that Joy is her middle name balances out the seriousness of her first.

She is my little rascal. I can make her giggle just by looking at her sideways when she's whining. She's always waiting for me to make her laugh or feel better when she's sad. Laughter is right on the tip of her heart all the time.

Since I've grown closer to the Lord Jesus I realize that laughter is always right around the corner. Rest and trust go hand in hand with laughter and joy. It's a comfortable, secure child that can be changed from tears to giggles so quickly.

God has taught me to be flexible and to roll with it, laugh at it, and then move on to the bigger picture. His picture. I cleaned up barf today probably six times. Just when I thought the cleaning was done and the virus past, she let loose everything since lunchtime all over her bed.

Joy came when my son looked at my face and said, "Sorry Mom, that you did all that work and now you have to start over again." What five-year-old says the exact right thing at just the right moment? When God is here, He provides joy. Supernaturally and unexpectedly. That's the best kind.

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Mom to 3 said...

I also wrote about how my children teach me to be joyful.I hope that you and your family are able to get some much needed rest and that the stomach bug completely goes away soon. Thank you for sharing about your joyful little girl. I am stopping by from FMF.