Take This Life

The world won't make me a star. When I was a young girl I thought I'd be on stage or on the big screen by now. I thought my place was in front of everyone, entertaining them and creating feelings in the masses. The future held such fantastical possibilities.

That future is now. I'm not one of the well-known names that is also a product that sells itself. Not because I'm no good at what I do, but because I'm becoming good in what I am becoming right where I am. I didn't master the industry's machine. I refused to manipulate people to try and further my career. Also, the way wasn't paved for me. Opportunities have so often passed me by because I won't compromise my conscience. The cost was always too high so I walked away.

Our time is spent every second. We can either invest in Kingdom priorities or we can invest in all that is passing away. Look around you today. Look beyond the cars, the homes, the opportunities to advance, and look at all the faces. Look at the frustrating people, the unlovely people, the celebrated people, and the rest of the people. The people are what is eternal about any situation. The rest is passing away.

God leads me down paths that I assume are for the betterment of my temporal circumstances and then they fail. I question His faithfulness as if He promised me success. Disappointment can be such an obstacle when holding too tightly to expectations. What God promised was Life and that I would share it with others in my path. He creates/allows certain needs that cause me to reach out for certain people. When I am with them I sense that God made the appointment for purposes that are far beyond my own needs being met. I thought I was in the mom's group because I needed to make friends. God had His own plans for my time spent there. When I was there, He was able to move within that place through me.

Obedient children of God are extensions of Himself. But we are each unique in our "packaging". The Holy Spirit in our spirit is a unique combination that results in a specific manifestation of God here on Earth. In other words, God can only express Himself in this unique way when He's working through our unique spirit, soul, and circumstances. For example, we fit into designated areas reserved only for the type of person that we were created to be. Jesus, the Son of Man, could not participate in an open mic at the local pub without drawing a special kind of attention. But Jesus, by His Spirit operating through me is subtle enough to work His way into the hearts of listeners at the same pub without the sort of resistance He might have faced as He was in Galilee so long ago.

Jesus Christ will return in His glory and every knee will bow. But until that day we, His bride, are to be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves in our covert missions for God the Father. The enemy is crafty and he knows an adversary when he sees one. He will do his best to discourage, distract, or destroy us. But God will have His way in the hearts of His children, despite all that. We bring the fire that ignites the hearts of the chosen. Then we just walk away and let the Spirit do His work in them. Praise God who is almighty in power, grace, and love and who chooses to live in and work through His beloved creation.

There's a world within this world. The illusion is that I'm suffering hardship and inconvenience. But what God is doing is creating more need in me so my reach becomes wider. People I never thought I'd depend on are now hearing my story and are opening their hearts to my words. They'll want to know where I get my hope and strength. My temporal needs will be met as God leads me to each person He has placed on my path. But my eternal needs are already satisfied and I have an overflow of abundant life to hand out.

Thank you, to the ones who have filled my temporal needs. The cup of cold water was not lost on me. Thank you also for giving me the chance to offer you what I have which is more of a blessing for me to give! Take the Life of this Spirit that loves you so wildly. His love for you has caused me to endure the hardship that brought me to your doorstep. For God's sake, take His love!

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