Long Live Life

So much is happening in such a short time to our country. I can barely keep up with the changes our new president is making within his first couple of weeks in office. I'm not sure what most of them mean right now. But I did watch the speech our vice president made at the March for Life yesterday. The way he spoke about life was inspiring. I could hear the cheers of the crowd and thought of the children. One thing he said struck me in my heart and brought tears.

"The truth is being told. Compassion is overcoming convenience. And hope is defeating despair." -Vice President Mike Pence, 2017 March for Life

I dared to dream in that moment. I imagined abortion becoming illegal and men and women, because of that convenience gone, deciding to think twice about having sex with relative strangers. My dreams turned to God's face when He looks at our country. Instead of seeing rage and sadness in His eyes, I dreamt I saw forgiveness and mercy. Over fifty million lives lost in a silent slaughter since it became legal in the U.S. and God has heard every cry of every drop of blood shed. "Where is Abel your brother?" He may ask America. We are the pre-born's keepers.

Today I took my kids to a popular indoor play area to let off some energy. The place was packed with families celebrating January birthdays away from the freezing winter air. My youngest is almost three and my other kids helped me keep an eye on her as we weaved through the crowd to the play structures. But not every adult was as calm as I was in that place. The stress for some of them was apparent on their faces. There was hyper-vigilance, people reconsidering EVER coming to another indoor playground birthday party again, and wide-eyed parents watching with mild panic when kids that weren't theirs made bad choices on the slide. One lady looked at an approaching dad and said, "This is crazy! Like the seventh circle of hell! Let's never do this again." The statement was harsh and inaccurate in my opinion. But it made me wonder.

Why is a large group of children so hard for adults to handle nowadays? Could it be the value we place on them that changes our perspective? I watched the bustling and bursting emotions and energy blurring around me and today I remembered what a gift it is. I've had days when I need a break from all people under four feet tall, but today a new appreciation for life came back to me. Listening to Vice President Pence's speech and seeing the large crowd of people standing against the brutality of legalized murder reminded me of the truth. That life really is precious. Messy life, loud life, and chaotic life, too! All life is something to be respected and taken care of, human life being the most sacred.

Earlier today my youngest was taking a nap and I laid down next to her and started to cry. Her quiet face was just resting and dreaming. She's such a challenge and such a delight. She's two handfuls and twice as loving as I am. She was a surprise and is a picture of God's grace to me. Words like, "Amazing" and "Treasure" come to mind when I look at all of my kids. Also, "Beauty", "Light", "Precious"...

All children are just small, inexperienced and immature people. Their potential is both astounding and terrifying. Only God knows who they will be. But they are among us, running around our legs and climbing all over our lives. They won't be pushed aside or forgotten; they are built to get their needs met. They are loud and demanding and rowdy and desperately in need of love. Someday they will be in our position. They will take care of us when our bodies are old and dying. We need them more than we seem to remember; not only to work character into us by destroying our selfishness, but to teach us about our past and our future. Those are only a few reasons why they are so valuable to us bigger people.

Compassion needs to not only overcome but kill the idol of convenience. Compassion will win when the perceived need for convenience grows weaker. We, the peoples', dependence on medical professionals, technology, and entertainment threatens to strip away any sense of our God-given humanity. Do people know the value of what they're discarding? They may only know what their souls crave and what their bodies whine for. Their spirits are dead, like unfertilized eggs in the womb. Without the Holy Spirit's entrance, there is no conception of spiritual Life. How can they know the true value of human life, then?

My prayer is that God will have mercy on this country for the deception so many Americans have bought into. Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do. If there are enough Americans that will say sorry and be cleansed of the blood of their dead children, maybe the United States can be spared for a while longer.


Marielle Martt said...

Very insightful and well thought out. Abortion as a form of birth control is abhorrent. It is an indication that this society is less and less willing to take responsibility for their actions. I pray that America's devolution will soon stop.

Anonymous said...

Well said by a good, loving, caring mother. You learned from the best example of a mom who gave her all for her children and raised a son and daughter that are both a credit to their Lord, their mother and themselves. You and your brother will raise good Christians that will grow into wonderful adults. Blessings and prayer for you. Love, Aubree Cathee