Story Sirens

Stories we watch to get outside of our own story.
People we watch to distract us from the fact that we are missing real relationship. Maybe we want to avoid relationships that are difficult. Maybe, like me, we lack relationship and are alone. But we turn to these faces on these screens to help us with something.

The emotions I feel when I watch a story play out.
It's a short journey of predictable turns and sometimes unpredictable twists. But the writers usually give us what we don't know we really want. A story that doesn't end but is added to with each new episode or each new theatrical release. We don't want them to end.

We long for eternity.
A place where stories are told forever. Endless friends who have no evil and speak no lies. We crave a place where our stories go on and we continue in the limitless potential of existence. The entertainment industry continues to deliver story after story. But Heaven delivers true story after true story with no fillers and no editing.

People are a wealth of story.
Each person we meet has untold stories just waiting to be heard. Even the mundane are significant. Sure, Hollywood does us a favor of keeping our emotions on high and our minds engaged. But if you met those actors they would tell you it was all staged. Their story is different, but they played the part well.

Diving headlong into entertainment is sinking deep into illusion. The sirens only help us escape to the dark depths of a cold and unforgiving sea. When we come up for air each time the air feels more stale and the colors less real. It's killing us but we prefer death to truth. Slow death seems to be our default humanity.

I visit the sirens when I'm lonely.
They sing me their lullaby and tell me stories that aren't true about people I'll never meet. After I walk away and face the silence of my room I...  realize that I was never alone. Even as I sought after the solace of those deceptive voices of the sea, He was with me. I feel His flood of real peace that isn't edited or written or walking a red carpet. He just IS.

The peace of knowing He who holds everything in place and He who guides my every step. Knowing that He loves... no, adores me! He longs for me like I long for Heaven. He is with me on every page of my story and every flicker of the unseen film that is recording every second of my life. The ways He kisses me with colors and coincidences and brushes my hair back with a cool breeze. The way He floats a calming thought through my brain and surprises me with a small convenience. He opens my door and gives me flowers and listens to me endlessly. He knows everything about me and His mercy is palpable and sweet.

My body and brain long for relationship with people. My spirit longs for God. My body and brain settle for entertainment and bide their time. We visit the sirens as old friends and listen to their song. They don't scare me. The God of all things can shut the mouths of the sirens or sing much more beautifully than they ever could. I wait for Him to do that. He's always with me as we enjoy the stories and my spirit finds moments to share with Him as we do. I do everything with God. He unlocks it all and shows me the reality in everything.

Entertainment is an opportunity to see what God sees. He reveals the siren's song for what it is and lights up the darkness with His veil-ripping strength. Then He closes my eyes and rests my imagination while He does His unseen work in my spirit. My story will continue forever because of Him.


Anonymous said...

I needed to read this today. Thank you and thank the Lord for putting it on your heart to write this. Love you girl! Auntee Cathee

Diana said...

Love you Auntee! ❤️❤️❤️